If Ayurveda is a art of living, it is also a health system thousands years old recognized by the World Health Organization. In Ayurveda, health is more than physical well-being, it is a well-being that brings happiness and radiation both internally and externally.


Massage is in the heart of Ayurvedic traditions, to nurture, revitalize and maintain the balance of the body. Therapeutic and harmonizing, the Shirodhara (literally shiro – head and dhara – flow) is a great care of mind harmonization.


After determining what my dosha (constitution), the therapist chooses the oil that meets my specific needs of the moment. For me, it will be warm sesame oil with medicinal plants. Lying comfortably on the back, the treatment begins with a massage of the scalp and face. Then in a slow swing, following a specific path, a thin thread of warm oil is poured on the forehead, up to the third eye, from one temple to the other, bathing the hair. I feel at peace. Mental ruminations disappeared. The treatment left me relaxed, radiant and with a free and clear mind.


Divinely soothing, a go to for insomnia, headaches, eye problems, memory loss, graying hair, Shirodhara is a moment to offer or to be offered.

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