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Health and well-being have always been the raison-d’être of Argentinian-born Vanesa Curutchet, renowned Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Vanesa was first introduced to Ayurvedic principles when she was looking for healing and answers after her Bell Palsy (facial paralysis) in her early 30’s.

Self-truth is the knowledge of life.

She knew down deep that her Bell palsy was not just a virus. Vanesa instinctively submerged into the wisdom of Eastern Medicine (Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine), emerging into balance with answers and a deep knowledge of self. With this wisdom, it was her greatest wish to reinvent her career path to help people grow into wholeness, which involves an evolutionary process of knowing and healing the self in a trilogy of body, mind and spirit.

Looking within, as a new life was being born.

She traveled far to distill insights from the oldest form of written medicine. Vanesa studied in California, Maine and Montreal to complete her Ayurvedic Practitioner certification, specializing in Ayurvedic Psychology and Spiritual Counseling. Through her combined personal and practical knowledge, she has intuitively crafted a comprehensive approach to wellness, embodying dietary habits, stress levels and emotional blockages.

These time-tested principles have changed her life and the lives of her clients.

In an elegant and serene environment, Vanesa helps you experience the miracles possible within every decision you make.

Transformation is part of the journey.