I consider the month of May to be a time of
rejuvenation, manifestation and mother’s love!

We see Mother Nature cleansing, manifesting and shining, especially in Montreal as we have a later Spring, it’s a time when all comes back to life in its magic and glory.

To mimic what is happening in nature I plan Ayurvedic cleanses as it’s great to do it when the weather gets warmer, to rejuvenate, give a break to my digestive system and bring ourselves to set-up new goals for our health.


Always supervised, my Ayurvedic cleanses last between 7 -14 days, depending on your Dosha and your goals.

Cleanses are simple, easy and results-oriented.
A plan for what to eat and drink, how to exercise, rest and recharge are provided in a group or one-on-one basis.
Upon completion of your program you will feel lighter, healthier, and more energetic.

You will also see noticeable improvements in your body composition, skin tone, brightness of your eyes and have adopted sustainable wellness habits.

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