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Ayurveda – Dosha Quiz

Please check the description that most resembles you. You can also check more than one answer, and if nothing resembles you do not check anything.

    Low; It’s hard for me to gain weight and easy to lose if I’m stressed or skip mealsModerate; It’s easy for me to gain, and easy to lose if I make it a goalHeavy; Easy to gain, hard to lose

    Dry, cold and tans easilySoft, warm, burns easilyThick, soft and oily

    I have a slender frame, with predominant joints and thin musclesI have a medium frame with good muscle developmentI have a large frame, with a round or thick build

    IrregularIntense, cannot skip a mealConsistent, can easily skip a meal

    My hands and feet are usually cold. I prefer warm weatherI am usually on the hot side independent of the season. I prefer colder weatherI am adaptable to most weathers except cold wet days

    Impulsive. I am lively and enthusiastic by nature. I embrace changeMethodical. I am a natural born leader. I like things to be organizedConservative. I am easy going and accepting. I like to support

    Nervous and/or anxiousIrritable and/or aggressiveWithdrawn and/or reclusive

    Small and attractiveMedium and deep setLarge, pleasant eyes

    My hair is dry, brittle or frizzyMy hair is thin, with early greyingMy hair is thick and abundant

    Poor and irregularLight but deepDeep and long