With fall on it’s full wind, it’s that time of year when most of us get a cold but it  could be prevented. Lets say, you suddenly start feeling a tingle in your throat, feeling tired and your nose is congested or running, these symptoms can be addressed right away and not let them turn into a full blown cold.

Try these Ayurvedic tips and you will feel back to normal in the next 24-48 hours.


Clean ;

-Gargle with a lukewarm glass of purified water and ½ tsp of tumeric

-Clean your sinuses with a Netti pot and salt water


Boost ;

– Eat 1tsp of Chyavanprash (Ayurvedic jam composed of 40 different herbs that boost your immune system)

– Take 500mg of a potent vitamin C such as Amalaki


Nourish ;

– Make yourself an herbal tea of Ginger, lemon and honey,  bee pollen is optional

– Apply a few drops of Eucalyptus essential oil under your feet or you can use Vicks (if  that’s all you have in your pharmacy)


Rest!! Get a full night sleep ☺

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